Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sarting Fitness Journey

Hello Everyone
My name is  Ben  and I have been working out for approximately 6 months. I lost about 20 pounds, but never really got off all the fat. So just yesterday  I  downloaded P90x off the internet and just got my grocery list, and am ready to go shopping. I read great reviews on the internet about P90x and checked out the transformation videos, but I was really sold on the nutrition plan. I am one of those weak willed bastards who will eat anything he feels like unless he has a nutrition plan as solid as Arnold Schwarzenegger's dick. So to go along with my cooking blog, (which is  filled with goodies: http://craftygoodcooking.blogspot.com/) I have created  a fitness blog reviewing fitness programs, and posting handy tips about fitness in general.

So , to start off this great fitness journey, to obtain whatever the fuck you want to obtain, you need some motivation.

My favorite motivational video..

Now get out there! You can start this off right! You can be who you want to be!